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Cold Room Information

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A choice of 80mm or 100mm insulated panels, heavy duty hinged or sliding doors and hard wearing flooring. Couple this with our own range of refrigeration systems to provide the perfect cold storage solution.


Either freezer or chiller temperature options and any size to suit your needs. Freezer cold rooms come with a floor as standard, however in chiller rooms this is optional. The floor finish is high grade aluminium tread-plate that meets the food hygiene standards.



Fire rated PIR panels are used to manufacture the walls and ceilings.  There is a white food safe finish to both sides for easy cleaning, although other colours are available on request.  Cold rooms exposed to the elements have a special finish for extra protection.  Panels fit easily through a standard doorway for easy set up.


Insulated Doors

A variety of cold room doors are available, from personnel access up to sliding doors for forklift operations.  All hinged doors include lockable handles and a glow in the dark inner release, furthermore, locks can be supplied for sliding doors on request.  As with the panels, doors have a white food safe finish, with the option for different colours if required.  Freezer doors include frame heaters to stop condensation.  Larger rooms have the option for multiple doors, please contact us for more information.


Refrigeration Options

Due to the number of variations available for refrigeration, it is not included in the price of the cold room. You can choose from our range of monoblocks for room sizes up to 40m³ (volume), while for larger rooms you would need a suitable split system. In this case, our engineers will happily select the best system for you on request. Please contact us for further information.


Optional Extras

We supply a range of other useful products and services to go with your cold room. Please explore the options below: